Contribute with Politicoin – the crypto of politics.

You get 1 Politicoin for each dollar you contribute.

100% of your contribution – every penny – goes directly to the candidate or committee you choose.

PLUS, they get the same number of Politicoin that you receive.

TMake an impact advancing pro-crypto policy and supporting whatever candidates you like.

What is Politicoin?

Politicoin empowers donors to be more actively involved with the committees they chose to support. Contributions made through our site will be forwarded in full to the committee selected, with no processing fees taken out. Both the contributor as well as the chosen committee will receive 1 Politicoin per doller contributed. Committees are free to use the Politicoins as they please - to reward volunteers, host special events, or as campaign memorabilia.

Why create a PAC?

Politicoin is a “conduit PAC” like Act Blue or Senate Conservatives Fund – but totally non-partisan; you can support whatever candidate you like, and every penny goes to them – and both they AND YOU also get politicoins to do with as you will – BONUS!

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